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Thank you for visiting the Ford Mustang GT Performance homepage. This page is dedicated to late model 5.0 performance. It contains information on Mustangs, Mustang modifications and links to other Mustang sites on the web. Our main feature is the Silver Streak 1995 Mustang GT project car. We've be modifying this car from showroom stock and have detailed every step. Our mission is to save you the trouble that we've experienced. Instead of the usual "what I bought" information, we've provided step by step accounts of our research, installation and results. Most modifications include pictures and sourcing information. If you've visited The Corral Late Model Mustang Web you'll find the Silver Streak a great companion to the Sidewinder 1994 Mustang GT project. The Sidewinder is the inspiration for many of the modifications to the Silver Streak and one of the most comprehensive modification homepages available. We've also compiled one of the most comprehensive sets of manufacturer and supplier links available on the Internet. You can use it to locate dealers and find information on parts and products.

As of 8/1/98 this site has been placed in caretaker status. The Silver Streak has been sold and we will no longer be updating these pages. The site will remain on-line as a resource for SN95 modifications. Thanks for all the interest and support! Feel free to visit my new project.

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The Silver Streak - 1995 Mustang GT Project Car

The Black Demon - 1982 Mustang GT Project Car

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