Ford Mustang GT Performance!

The Black Demon

I purchased this 1982 Mustang GT used just out of high school and got the modification bug! The car was stock when purchased with the exception of the LX 5.0 rims and P225 rubber. It only had 36,000 miles and the engine was very strong. This was my first sports car and my first Mustang. I sold it when sneaking a smog certificate became a pain and I needed a vehicle with more cargo capacity. I bought an Isuzu Tropper (I know! It was a good truck, designed like an American vehicle and RUGGED) and that worked great for four years until the speed bug came buzzing back. I decided on another Mustang and purchased the last of the 302's. That's another page however...

Modifications (in order of installation):
  • California license plate "US MUSCL" for U.S. Muscle (can't believe this wasn't taken already!).
  • Replaced stock clutch with Ford SVO heavy duty unit and large diameter flywheel.
  • Replaced stock two barrel carburetor and iron manifold with Holley 600CFM four barrel carburetor and Edelbrock Performer 302 aluminum intake manifold.
  • Cut open factory non-functional hood scoop and replaced stock air intake assembly with high-rise air filter and chrome holder.
  • Replaced stock valve covers with chrome covers. This was not a planned swap but I cracked one of the stock aluminum covers.
  • Replaced factory suspension with Ford SVO Series "D" heavy duty coil springs. This lowered the car over an inch and really stiffened up the ride. I also replaced all the shocks and struts. When this modification was performed I had to install bushings to restrict the steering so the tires didn't rub the fenders.
  • Replaced factory exhaust manifolds and entire exhaust system. I installed Tri-Y chrome equal length headers and a custom fabricated "H" pipe two inch dual exhaust. I used three chamber Flowmaster mufflers and no catalytic converters. Sounded VERY nice.
  • Replaced factory 85 MPH speedometer with Ford SVO 140 MPH model.

Most of the replacement parts came from JBA and High Tech Performance. The intake work was performed at SAMCO and the suspension at DualTone. All other modifications were performed at home. When it was all said and done this car left the line like a bullet and handled great. I really missed it once it was gone.

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