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Door Chime Modification

I just got a 1995 Mustang GT and went right to work on my least favorite new car project: Finding and properly "adjusting" the stupid door chime. In the good old days you could just yank the wire or shoot the thing. Now they've gone ahead and included the headlight alert so you feel ripped off if you just disconnect the module and really, really stupid when you leave the lights on.

Have no fear however, a little time under the dash with clip leads and a multitester always pays off. It's amazing that something as simple as the door chime has over eight leads!

This should apply to the 1994 and 1995 Mustangs and many other new Ford vehicles. The modification will disable the door chime but keep the headlight and seatbelt alert.

Modification Procedure:

A better way to do this is to dismount the box (very easy) and pop out the circuit board. The wires connect to a card edge connector. Locate the pin that coresponds to the black/pink wire and put some thin tape over the contact. This is actually the better way if you want to spend the time. It's easy to remove and invisible.

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