The Silver Streak

Pro 5.0 Power Tower Shifter Installation:

Installed Pro 5.0 Power Tower short throw shifter. I must say that this product is outstanding. It's a very well built product for a great price. I purchased mine direct from Pro 5.0 for $179 plus $10 shipping. The installation was very easy. First you need to remove the plastic cover panel and shifter knob. The panel pops right off and removes after you disconnect the wire from the 12v power jack. You then remove the four bolts that hold on the rubber boot that minimizes noise and debris. Next you unbolt the shifter from from the top of the transmission. You'll need to carefully scrape off the old gasket materiel without letting any drop into the transmission. After it's all clean put a good bead of RTV and let it cure for about fifteen minutes. Drop in the new shifter and use the new bolts. Tighten the main bolts and make sure the shifter engages all the gears. You then need to cut off the center section of the rubber boot so it fits around the base of the new shifter. This is easy and the fit is excellent. Tighten the bolts and make sure the boot is below the steel ring on the shifter. You now need to adjust the stop bolts. Put the shifter in first gear and hold it there. Rotate the bolt until it touches the shifter shaft and then back it off one full turn. Tighten the lock nut and repeat the process for second gear. Now reconnect the power to the 12v socket and replace the center console cover. The factory gear knob goes right back on and you're ready to go! My only complaint about this product is the poor documentation and instructions. Hopefully this description will help.

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