The Silver Silver Streak Picture Gallery

This page is a picture gallery of Silver Streak Images. It's rather large so give it time to load.

The famous side view (unenhanced by Photoshop). The car rides nice and low on the Eibach springs and the Cobra R wheels just look awesome.

The front. It's not a Cobra but it still looks good.

The back. This is the view most other cars see. Note the bottom of the bumper. From the factory, GT and GTS Mutangs have this area painted black. A minor parking lot goof by a lady in a Buick allowed me a free paint job. Now the back looks just like a Cobra (well, except that it has Mustang on it). Also note the Steeda logo in place of the standard Ford badge.

The interior. Note the Schroth Rallye-4 harnessbelts. These really do a job keeping you and your passenger in the seat. It's also great at the drag strip.

This is the Silver Streak at the Fabulous Fords Forever show. Flyers for this home page and information about the car can be seen on the windshield. While the Silver Streak didn't steal the show it received many compliments on it's excellent condition and well thought out modifications.

Now you know what I look like. Here I am dishonoring the detail job by sitting on the hood. Shame on me.

This is a nice view of the Silver Streak in from of a fountain at the IOF building in San Diego.

Another nice show of the Silver Streak on a hill overlooking Interstate 805 in San Diego.

The Silver Streak and fountain again. This offset shot provides a better view of the car and fountain.

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