The Silver Streak

Drag Racing at Calrsbad Raceway:

After all we've done it was about time to head to a real racetrack for some testing. Carlsbad Raceway is one of the strangest dragstrips I've ever seen. It's in an industrial area, off the main road. The strip is in a valley. You drive up a hill in the staging lanes, and then race down the track. You then drive up another hill to the pit area and around again. It was a long wait between each run but plenty of fun.

We're all wondering about the accuracy of the timing system at Carlsbad. Many people at the strip felt that their trap speed was too slow. I managed to get the G-Tech/Pro running for one pass and recorded some interesting data. The trap time was almost the same, 14.748 track time and 14.79 G-Tech/Pro time. The trap speed however, was very different. The track reported 84.12 MPH and the G-Tech/Pro indicated 99.5 MPH. This is a significant margin, much more than the G-Tech/Pro's realword accuracy of +/- 1 MPH in the quarter mile. My informal late night testing netted speeds of 99.5 MPH and 103.1 MPH. A friend will be doing some more testing at the Battle of the Imports in Palmdale next week. I hope to have some additional data then to shed some light on this problem.

Time and Date 60 Foot Track 1/4 Mile G-Tech 1/4 Mile
2/22/97 @ 15:34 2.371 Sec. 14.856 @ 83.92 N/A
2/22/97 @ 17:36 2.391 Sec. 14.748 @ 84.12 14.79 @ 99.5
2/22/97 @ 18:27 2.495 Sec. 14.993 @ 83.79 N/A

The car was run in street trim with a quarter of a tank of gas. On the first pass I noticed some detonation at the top end. I adjusted the timing from 12 degrees to 10 degrees and reduced the fuel pressure from 40 psi to 38 psi for the second and third runs. All shifting was done at 5500 RPM according to the factory tach. It was fairly warm for the first pass and had cooled down plenty for the second and third.

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