The Silver Streak

DynoMax Cat-back Installation:

Installed a Walker DynoMax 2.5 inch cat-back system with Super Turbo mufflers. Since I live in California I chose the aluminized system with stainless steel tips. After talking to dozens of people including guys from JBA and Steeda I decided on the DynoMax over FlowMaster for performance reasons. The installation was very straightforward. You'll need a good pair of high jackstands and a good jack. I placed the stands on the frame rail just forward of the upper control arm mounting point. I let the rear end hang to provide maximum space for moving the pipes. Leave the jack touching the differential for safety. You do need to cut the factory pipes for removal. We used a Dremel instead of working out with a hacksaw and cut each pipe in less than fifteen minutes. The new system bolts right in and uses the factory hangers. I recommend unbolting the factory rubber mounts instead of trying to work the hangers in and out with the mounts on the car. You can get the new pipes over the rear axle with enough twisting and turning, just keep at it! Take the time to properly line up the system and make sure the tailpipes are aligned. You also want to be sure the pipes are not touching the fuel tank shield. After everything is bolted up you'll need to run the system and check for leaks. We had a few but just needed to tighten the u-clamps. The sound is nice and mellow. It's not as loud as I would have liked but it's still a pleasure to listen to the engine work. If you want volume go with the FlowMaster American Thunder kit. I purchased the kit from Summit. They matched the lowest price in the magazine and shipped to 2nd Day Air for $9. All in all it sounds great and has let me push my shifts past 5000 RPM. It'll come in handy later when more modifications are done.

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