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Hi! I'm Leeloo, a brand new Airedale Puppy. I was born at the end of March. I'm named for the character Leeloo in the movie The Fifth Element. Leeloo is the supreme, perfect being. On my home page you'll find great pictures of me and my family, plus my favorite web links. I just set up my brand new WebCam! The AiredaleCam updates automaticly every fifteen seconds. Whenever I'm in my crate (during the day or when the lights are on bright) you can see what I'm doing! I might not still look like I do in the pictures. I'm growing VERY fast!

Leeloo's AiredaleCam

Live! Updates automaticly every fifteen seconds.

Leeloo's Picture Gallery:

Leeloo's Choice Links:

Corporate Computer Centers, Inc.

Velcro and Shadow's Home Page (my sisters!)

The Fifth Element Home Page

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